Bungie Aerospace and Harebrained Schemes Announce Crimson: Steam Pirates

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) PRIME Attendees Get to Play Before Game is Available for Download

PAX News: Seattle, WA August 23, 2011: Bungie Aerospace, set up to help independent developers create brilliant mobile and social games, christens its first game, Crimson: Steam Pirates, developed by Harebrained Schemes.

Key Facts

  • Developed by Harebrained Schemes and the first to release under Bungie Aerospace, Crimson: Steam Pirates is a free iPad game that will be available for download on September 1, 2011.
  • For PAX Prime attendees, Crimson: Steam Pirates will be available this week to play at Booth #682 during the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle. Attendees will be able to play through a selection of the complete missions.
  • A Crimson: Steam Pirates site launched today with more information about the game, including the launch date and the first gameplay images.

Game Description

Plumes of black smoke fill the blue Caribbean sky as Thomas Blood’s pirate fleet steams ahead—over, above, and below the waves. Command your fleet and your Steampunk crew using an elegant action interface. Crimson: Steam Pirate’s turn-based gameplay provides an addicting mixture of strategy and action as you anticipate your enemies’ moves and counter them, luring them into a deadly hail of weapons fire while uncovering the mystery brewing in the Caribbean.


  • 8 voyages that begin the tale of Thomas Blood’s adventures in the Caribbean
  • 2 “Pass-and-Play” multiplayer scenarios
  • Over a dozen types of ships, subs, and airships and 20 crew members with unique special abilities


About Bungie Aerospace

Bungie Aerospace was created to help small, independent developers launch their mobile and social games. More information about Bungie Aerospace can be obtained from www.bungieaerospace.com.

About Harebrained Schemes

Harebrained Schemes is a small group of wildly talented people, crammed into a closet, making whatever cool thing inspires us next. Lead by serial entrepreneur Jordan Weisman; founder of FASA, Virtual World Entertainment, FASA Interactive, Wizkids, 42 Entertainment, Smith & Tinker, and creator of BattleTech / MechWarrior, Shadowrun, and Crimson Skies, the Harebrained team is a combination of seasoned veterans and fresh talent. More information about Harebrained Schemes can be found at www.harebrained-schemes.com.