Crimson: Steam Pirates

Crimson IconA new game developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Bungie Aerospace, Crimson: Steam Pirates is a swashbuckling adventure that takes place on, above, and below the Caribbean Sea. Command pirate steamships, airships, and submarines with an elegant user interface in this turn-based strategy game with stunning graphics and animations!

Steam PiratesThomas Blood crossed the Atlantic in chains, an enemy of the English Crown condemned by Queen Victoria herself. But his destiny was as a free man, a captain of a steam-powered frigate, a hero sailing the crimson seas…and a pirate.


Game Features

Thomas BloodThe Saga of Thomas Blood begins, with sixteen exciting solo-play journeys that make up the first two chapters in the story of the notorious pirate–with eight more journeys coming soon!

Turn-based action gameplay lets you plot courses and actions for your ships, and then watch the battle play out in real-time!

Battle with ships and on them – maneuver your fleet into firing range, or close and send your crew to board enemy vessels and capture them!

Stunning HD animations fill your screen with the full fury and firepower of battles at sea!

Pass-and-play multiplayer gameplay lets you turn one tablet and two players into unlimited fun, with two different game modes, Gold Rush and Shipwreck!

Leaderboards upload the results of your journeys to for statistics tracking–log on to Crimson via Facebook to compare your progress directly in the game!

Available for iPad – in the Apple App Store.


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