Officer Positions & Abilities

Good captains know that it takes a crew with a mix of useful abilities to undertake a successful campaign. While the best captains can have many of the abilities themselves, they stock their ship with skilled officers and crew to make their ship more capable–and in order to split the crew to board and take enemy ships without losing critical abilities.

Following is a list of the deck positions aboard most ships on the Crimson seas, and the abilities each crew member usually brings to their ship–though in many cases an officer may only bring one of multiple abilities to a ship, and in some cases they may bring no ability whatsoever (in which case their captain is usually looking for a replacement officer whenever the ship puts to port!)

Captains and their Capable Crew


Captain Sometimes courageous, sometimes bloodthirsty, and always bold, captains are the unquestioned leaders of their crews, guiding their fleets into battle and issuing orders to the ships of the fleet. Often rising from the ranks of experienced crew, a captain may possess any ability that can be possessed by a crew member.

First Officer

First Officer The right hand of the captain, the first officer ensures the captain’s orders are followed to the letter. Driving crews to get the best out of them, many first officers possess the Full Steam or The Lash abilities.


Engineer Where ships once carried carpenters capable of repairing wooden vessels, the vessels of the Age of Steam often count an engineer among their crew in order to keep steam drives and other complex machinery in order. Given the time to keep everything in top condition, Engineers can use the Full Steam or Repair Ship abilities.

Weapons Officer

Weapons Officer A dedicated weapons officer on a ship drills gun crews to get the fastest and most accurate attacks from their weapons during battle. Always eager to push weapons to their limits, weapons officers can make use of the Double Powder ability.


Doctor Though steam drives and rocket batteries can be frustratingly cantankerous, it is often the human bodies of the crew that prove the most fragile parts of a vessel in battle. Those that carry a doctor among their crew can make use of the Heal Crew ability to get crew members fallen during boarding attempts back into action.

Corsair Rough and ready, most like their pirate namesakes from the Age of Sail, corsairs are skilled with their weapons and eager to leap into the front lines of a battle. Though not all corsairs bring special abilities to their crews, some possess the Air Boarding Action, Boarding Action, or Sniper abilities.

Crew Abilities

Not all crew abilities can be used every turn during a battle. Below is a list of crew abilities, along with how many turns it takes for an ability to ‘recharge’ after use (for example, an ability that takes one turn to recharge cannot be used the turn following its use, while an ability with a zero-turn recharge can be used every turn):

Air Boarding Action (0 turn recharge) Hooks one aerial ship to another and initiates a boarding action, if ships are side-by-side.

Boarding Action (0 turn recharge) Hooks ships together and initiates a boarding action, if ships are side-by-side.

Double Powder (1 turn recharge) Doubles the range of cannons aboard the ship for 1 turn.

Full Steam (1 turn recharge) Boosts acceleration and maximum speed of ship.

Heal Crew (1 turn recharge) Revives disabled crew, regaining lost abilities. If not disabled, action will be wasted.

The Lash (1 turn recharge) Pushes gunners to double their rate of fire for 1 turn.

Repair Ship (1 turn recharge) Repairs some damage to ship and weapons. If ship is undamaged, action will be wasted.

Sniper (3 turn recharge) When selected, drag the crosshairs icon to a target ship to kill an enemy crew member.