Gameplay Tutorials

You’ll receive a full introduction to playing CRIMSON as you play through the adventures of Thomas Blood. However, if you need a refresher in the basics of sailing the Crimson seas you can ask your first officer–or consult the short tutorials below.

Selecting and Moving a Ship

  • To select any ship in your fleet, tap on it.
  • To move your ship, drag the outline indicating the direction of the ship’s movement.

  • Sharp turns will reduce the speed of your ship.

  • If one of your ships is trapped against an island, another ship, or a shoal, you can move it in reverse by pulling its outline backwards.

Looking Around the Map

  • Swipe the map to see other parts of the surrounding seas.
  • Arrows pointing off the edge of the screen indicate that objects of interest are off-screen in that direction:
    • Red arrows: Enemy vessels
    • Green arrows: Vessels in your fleet
    • Yellow arrows: Mission objectives

  • Tapping on an arrow will take your viewpoint directly to the selected object of interest.
  • Objects of interest are marked with an icon indicating your goal:
    • NAVIGATE: Move a ship to this point to complete an objective.
    • DESTROY: Destroy this to complete an objective.
    • PROTECT: Protect this to complete an objective.

Firing Your Weapons

  • When you drag a ship’s outline, the range of its weapons will be visible.
  • All of a ship’s weapons will fire at any enemy targets in their range as often as possible during your turn.

  • The Double Powder ability will increase the range of a ship’s weapons, and the Lash ability will increase their rate of fire.

Using Crew Abilities

  • To see what abilities are possessed by the crew members aboard a ship, tap on the ship’s wheel attached to its maneuvering outline.

  • Tapping on the ship will bring up its full information card; enter the Crew Detail section to view the crew aboard the ship, and tap on a crew member to see what abilities they possess.

  • Tap on an ability icon to use the ability this turn.
  • If you change your mind, tap the wheel again and select the X icon to cancel use of an ability.

Repairing Ships

  • If your ship is damaged by enemy attacks, it will begin smoking.
  • If your ship carries a crew member with the Repair Ship ability it can repair the ship’s hull, weapons, and engine if they are damaged.

Playing Out a Turn

  • Once you’ve determined and set the movements for ships in your fleet as well as what abilities they will use, press the PLAY button at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • The actions of all fleets during the turn will play out simultaneously!

Boarding Actions

  • If your crew possesses the Boarding Action ability, some ships and forts can be boarded to complete objectives.
  • Aerial vessels can also be boarded using the Aerial Boarding Action ability.
  • To board, move side-by-side with your target during the turn you use the Boarding Action ability.

  • During a Boarding Action, the boarding action interface will open:
    • A boarding action is divided into three waves.
    • During a battle, you can see how many enemy crew will be in a wave, but not their strength.
    • Move crew members from your ship into each wave.
    • The cumulative boarding strength of all crew members you’ve placed into a wave will be indicated at the top of each wave.
    • When you are satisfied with your assignments, press the FIGHT button.
    • During a fight, you will see battle resolve between each wave.
    • If you don’t win the battle against every wave, the boarding action will continue during your next turn.
    • Beware! If your boarding action takes more than one turn, you will be exposed to enemy fire from other ships while you are engaged in boarding.
    • Each turn a boarding action continues, you and your opponents each get the opportunity to place your uninjured crew members into the waves as you choose.
    • When you have defeated all waves of enemy crew, you may pillage the treasure aboard the ship, capture the ship itself, complete an objective, or any of the above.


  • Unlike vessels that can only travel the surface of the sea, submarines can travel beneath the water.
  • Submarines can travel at any of three depths:
    • Submerged
    • Periscope Depth
    • Surfaced
  • When a submarine is fully submerged, it can’t attack and can be hit only by depth charges dropped by enemy ships.
  • When a submarine is at periscope depth, it can only fire torpedoes and can only be hit by torpedoes and depth charges.

  • Surfaced, a submarine can fire its cannon if it possesses them.
  • Selecting the Dive ability on a submarine, will lower it one depth level during the turn.
  • Selecting the Climb ability will raise a submarine one depth level during the turn.

Multiplayer Game Modes

  • CRIMSON can be played in pass-and-play multiplayer mode.
  • In pass-and-play mode, the first player selects their tactics for the turn, presses PLAY, passes the device to their opponent to do the same, and then the turn resolves for all player simultaneously.
  • CRIMSON has two multiplayer game modes:
    • In Gold Rush, players race to collect treasure from across the map and bring it back to their dock. Sinking enemy ships will allow you to steal any treasure they carry–and the first player to accumulate 700 gold or jewels wins the battle!
    • In Shipwreck!, players race to pick up crew members stranded on rafts scattered on the sea. Each rescued crew member grants you special abilities that can be used in your battle to sink your enemy, and the last ship afloat wins the battle!