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Necropolis – New Trailer, Gifs, Screens, Playable Sneak-Peek at PAX East

If you haven’t heard about our new third-person action Roguelike title Necropolis yet, check out our first trailer for the game below! We’ll have a playable Pre-Alpha sneak peek of the game at PAX East in Boston starting tomorrow. Come by Booth 10187 to try it out!

For more screenshots and information, follow our dev blog on Tumblr or follow us on Twitter. Hope to see you at PAX!



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Some Valentine’s Day love to start our Final Weekend! This update’s chock full o’ stuff!

Wow. Here we are, heading into the final weekend of our Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter campaign. Can you believe it?


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It feels like only yesterday that our first teaser image started making the rounds… but that was aaall the way back in 2014! Time really does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

Even though today is Friday the 13th, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day so we thought we’d make this a Valentine’s-themed update. It’s about life, it’s about love, and it’s about the bleak dystopian Awakened Cyberpunk future we’re making together.      Awwww. [sniff]

And since we can’t hand you a box of chocolates, we thought we’d give you a taste of our first exploration into the look & feel of the Matrix. For those who like our little peeks behind the curtain, when we start a process like this, we work very loosely like in the images below.

Workin' Loose

Workin’ Loose

Eventually, we tighten things up and create a piece like the one below. This color image is one of those “sculpted systems” in the Matrix. Like our original “Night Market” concept, it’s meant an inspiration piece for the team (that’s another way of saying that we’re not changing the isometric gameplay view).

Looks like we found the back door.

Looks like we found the back door.

As we noted in a previous update, sculpted systems are distinct digital representations of their owners (usually megacorps) within the Matrix. Rather than accept the standard look of the digital world (which is getting its own facelift, btw), these corps spend a bunch of nuyen to customize their domain. Now sculpted systems may look flashy but they aren’t just for show. As one Backer so eloquently put it, “…they’re basically a ‘You came to the wrong neighborhood’sign for deckers!”

We look forward to exploring more of the Matrix as we move deeper into production. Thanks again for the opportunity to work on it, y’all. We’re having fun.

Changing topics, nothing says, “I love you” like a Shadowrun themed Valentine’s Day card, eh chummer? We thought it was hilarious when we saw folks posting them on our comments page – especially because Cassidy was already in the process of making some of her own!

Share them with someone YOU love!














And finally, as we bathe in the warm glow of our Valentine’s Day Shadowrun lovin’, we leave you with a bunch of images to help you get the word out about the campaign. ‘Cuz nothing says love like social media, right?


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