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The Magic, she has expanded!

We’re now over $550,000 and have unlocked the Expanded Magic funding goal. Thanks so much to the people who have been out banging the drum for the project. It means a lot to us. And it helps everyone else too!

Pie is magic.

Pie is magic.

Okay, ready to add more play time to the game? 

We’re shooting to add Gaichu’s personal side mission to the story! Our former Red Samurai’s had a tough time of it, y’all. Rather than commit seppuku after becoming a ghoul, he dishonored himself by taking to the shadows. But he can’t just rot quietly in the corner – his former team of Renraku Red Samurai were also dishonored by his actions. Now Gaichu is hunted by a squad of highly-trained warriors who will stop at nothing to destroy their old teammate… and you alongside him.

One last thought: Your personal endorsement of HBS and Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the single best thing you can do to help the project. Gamers listen to recommendations from gamers they trust, not messages from marketers. So, the most effective way to help us is to share our Kickstarter link with your friends and family with a personal note from you.

Have a great week!

HBS Supports Gamers!

Someone recently tweeted support of our Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter campaign, using the Gamer Gate hashtag. We “Favorited” and ReTweeted the message, noticed the Gamer Gate hashtag and UNretweeted it, leaving the “Favorite” to show our appreciation for the positive comment.

The UnRetweet caused concern in our audience. It also caused some to infer that we do not support Gamer Gate supporters. With this in mind, we feel it’s important to state for the record that we fully support women in gaming and believe in integrity in journalism which, as we understand it, were the original ideals of Gamer Gate. We absolutely support all gamers who share our belief in these ideals.

As far as we can tell, the current state of Gamer Gate is fractured into different groups with different beliefs, some of whom act against the whole. This subgroup, who also use the Gamer Gate hashtag, perverts the original intent through harassment and manipulation. That is why we UnRetweeted it.

To all of you who support Forwarding Women in Gaming and Integrity in Journalism, we salute you and we support you. Although we believe in these causes too, we cannot convey our support for the Gamer Gate hashtag as that hashtag also represents those who do harm.

We sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding in our intent, and hope you better understand our reasoning.


HBS Launches New Kickstarter to Co-fund Shadowrun: Hong Kong!


Two years ago, we were overwhelmed by the support we received when we took Shadowrun Returns to Kickstarter. It was an amazing experience that allowed us to make two award winning games we’re very proud of – Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut.

Today we launched a new Kickstarter to Co-Fund our next game – Shadowrun: Hong Kong – a brand new, full-length stand alone Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in the Magically Awakened Hong Kong of 2056.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong has everything you expect from a Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun game: strong storytelling and sharp writing, lots of morally gray choices, a crew of memorable characters with distinct personalities, challenging tactical turn-based combat, a robust character creation system, and a one of a kind cyberpunk-meets-magic game setting that’s endured for over 25 years.

We’re already several months into development and totally committed to making Shadowrun: Hong Kong. In fact, the project is budgeted, fully staffed, and on-schedule for a mid-2015 release. It’s going to be 12+ hours long and at the quality level of Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut. srhk_characterDesignSheetjpg So why are we going back to Kickstarter? Because we want to make Shadowrun: Hong Kong even bigger and better and we need your help to do that. By backing the project, you’ll increase our production budget and get more features, more improvements, and more game.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to see all the great things we want to add and all the great rewards we’ve put in place, too! And, after you’ve backed the project, we hope you’ll help us get the word out by sharing the Kickstarter link anywhere you connect to social media – Facebook, Twitter – using the hashtag #shadowrunHK , Google+, Tumblr, your blog…. smoke-signals…

Our last adventure together was a blast and we think the results speak for themselves.

We hope you’ll help co-fund our third Shadowrun game, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and let’s make the best Shadowrun game yet!