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Arr, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys! Here’s a fun image o’ some pirates o’ the Crimson seas. And a TLAPD service announcement: if ye been marooned at sea for t’ last month and haven’t played Crimson yet, go check it out for free in t’ app store! Arrrr me hearties!

Available in the App Store

Some more reviews for the mix!

Modojo“…head to the App Store and prepare to embark upon a treacherous but thrilling voyage.”

Pocket-Lint“…rest assured that once you’ve finished the first eight levels, you’ll be baying for more considering its utterly addictive nature, and £1.69 is a small is a small price to pay…”

OSX Daily

Suite 101Rest assured, Crimson: Steam Pirates is a top rank title, with excellent graphics and gameplay married to a compelling storyline. This Steampunk-themed adventure belongs in the library of of every iPad gamer and rivals the HD version of Battle for Wesnoth as the top strategy game available for Apple’s tablet computer.

AppoliciousThe game is easy to play while still providing challenge, gorgeous to look at, and has a surprisingly entertaining story.

Board Game Geek

Crimson reviews are in!

And we couldn’t be happier about what folks have been saying! Here’s a roundup of some of the reviews we’ve seen so far:

Apple’N'Apps“Crimson: Steam Pirates is an outstanding iPad gaming experience that allows you to dive deeply into the steampunk pirate and sea battle theme. The game just may be the best strategy game in the App Store, and it’s designed so well to fit the iPad. Crimson: Steam Pirates is such a great download for free as you get the whole first saga, and you’ll definitely want the $1.99 second saga after playing the first. Hit the deck, ready the cannons, and fire up the game on your iPad.”

Slide to Play“Crimson: Steam Pirates is like a good book and a game of chess rolled into one. (A) Must Have download.”

Gamezebo“The most fun we’ve had on the high seas since Sid Meier’s Pirates”“The game’s steampunk aesthetic is gorgeous, and almost as enjoyable as the writing’s snarky attitude. The gameplay itself is engaging, and fresh enough to keep the attention focused on the story. Crimson: Steam Pirates just offers a rewarding strategic experience.”

TouchGen“…unless you have some sort of life threatening allergy towards pirates or pirate related games you have absolutely no excuse not to download this game.”

Unbound Gamer
Pocket Gamer

Crimson is the #1 free iPad app!

Thanks for checking out Crimson everyone – we held the #1 spot through Labor Day weekend thanks to your downloads! (Sorry Smurfs…) Reviews have started coming in and it’s great to see people enjoying the game. As puts it, “Crimson: Steam Pirates is like a good book and a game of chess rolled into one. (A) Must Have download.” Thanks guys!

Crimson: Steam Pirates has landed

Get it now (for free!) in the Apple app store by clicking this nifty button.

Available in the App Store