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Crimson: Steam Pirates available for iPhone! AND Chapter 3 is now available.

The iPhone / iPod Touch version of Crimson has landed in the App Store here.

If you already have Crimson for iPad, Chapter 3 is now available for in-app purchase! Just get the latest update for the main Crimson app and you should see it available from the main menu. Below are some frosty screens from the new chapter…

Lastly, Mac|Life posted a great review of Crimson here. It’s well worth a read if you haven’t checked out the game yet! : )

Crimson Screenshot 1

Crimson Screenshot 2

Crimson Screenshot 3

Guess what?

The iPhone version of Crimson: Steam Pirates is in double-secret testing too!

Crimson iPhone

Chapter 3!

Ahoy there! Sorry for the silence and thanks for your patience. Chapter 3 is all done and in double-secret-final testing. Watch this space for an official release date!