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Shadowrun Gen Con 2012 Seminar

Wonderful news! Our very own Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman have been invited to a Shadowrun panel in Gen Con 2012. Randall Bills has written a lovely, expository article about this on, which is a valuable and informative read:

By any definition, 2012 has been a banner year for Shadowrun fans around the globe. From a slew of tabletop books from Catalyst Game Labs, to the fantastically run Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter from Harebrained Schemes, to the current Shadowrun Online Kickstarter by Cliffhanger Productions: if you’re a fan of the mean streets of the Sixth World sprawls, there’s something here for you.

But what books are coming next from Catalyst? What will gameplay be like for Shadowrun Returns? How exactly will Shadowrun Online interact with the tabletop storyline, allowing fans to effect the universe like never before? Read more…

Q&A Transcription Now Available!

Hey guys!
We got a few requests from some of our friends to transcribe the most recent Q&A with Mitch and Jordan, so decided that I’d take care of it. Hope this helps, and enjoy! Mitch and Jordan Q&A Transcription
-Sally HBS

Happy Friday, Folks: Part V of Fluff and Smoke is Ready!

Check out the latest installment of our short story series! The gang gets a rigger, which, let’s face it, we’ve all been waiting for.

Our Buddies over at Cliffhanger Launch their Shadowrun Online Kickstarter!

I mean, pretty much, the more things Shadowrun, the better. We’re all about spreading the Shadowrun love, and we can’t think of a better way than supporting our friends over at places like Catalyst and Cliffhanger in their Shadowrun-related endeavors. Shadowrun Online is going to be similar to Shadowrun Returns, but a little different in that it’ll be set in 2070 and be multi-player (which is awesome). Learn more if you’d like, and if their project tickles your fancy, give ‘em some love!

Sweet New Book Released by Our Friends Over at Catalyst

Guys! Check out Shadowrun 2050! Basically, it’s old school in the best way possible, and in case you haven’t heard about this product, it’s designed to give you the information to play in a 2050 setting with Fourth Edition rules.

Renraku Skyline Wallpaper Now Available!

Ask and you shall receive, my friends.

Click to download

Shadowrun Returns Concept Art

Guess what I managed to snag from our art team? Oh, you know, just some concept art for Shadowrun Returns. . .

Here’s a few “look & feel” concepts for Downtown and the Barrens, plus some early character designs. The artists are having a blast with this stuff and can’t wait to show you some concepts of the game view itself. . . when they’re ready, of course! If I try to steal any more art from them right now they might revoke my blogging priv-

Renraku Skyline

Pike Place Market

Smoke Break

Samurai Sketches

Redmond Barrens

Ork Sketches

Shadowrun Returns Q&A with Jordan and Mitch

And voila: our Mitch and Jordan SRR Q&A! As most of you know, Mitch and Jordan had no idea what they were going to be asked, so all their answers are deliciously raw. But as far as those answers go, you know the drill: everything’s a work in progress, ideas are subject to change, some ideas in the video just burst up on the spot—all that jazz. Basically, the video’s totally honest, but honest for what’s true right now. As with all game development, we have to balance what’s cool versus time and money. And some of our ideas just don’t come out the way we imagine them. But hey, we hope this video will show that we’re not only listening to your questions and suggestions, but also that we appreciate them. Having such an enthusiastic crowd supporting our work is pretty much the best. We look forward to reading your comments, debates and constructive suggestions. Thanks again for everything!

A Short Story for Shadowrun Fans

A few weeks back, we decided to give back to our Shadowrun Returns fans. We’d done all the thanking and gushing online already, but we really wanted to do something more. So we got a Shadowrun author named Malik Toms to write a short story called “Nothing but Fluff and Smoke” based on a plot created by our own Jordan Weisman. Every Friday, we post a new installment of the story, so check back weekly to keep up! Also, we’ve got a huge German audience, so we decided to write a German version. We’ve only got the first chapter up so far (while there are three English ones out), but there’ll be more to come!

Strikefleet Omega Now Available on Amazon!

So far, Strikfleet Omega has been quite the success for both Android and iOS tablets– hovering around about 600,000 users. Crazy. We’re going absolute bonkers. Anyway, playing the game just got easier with its new release on Amazon. Give it a shot, if you haven’t already! And if you’d like to know a little more about gameplay, just check out the video above– it gives you some useful tips, and the narrator is adorably British. So, you know, it’s worth it.