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There and… Well, Still There: A GenCon Tale by Harebrained Schemes

While Mitch and Jordan are still reveling in GenCon fervor, we thought we’d share a little bit of what’s going on over there for those unable to attend. We’ve been receiving a running influx of updates, from which we can infer the precise details of their morning.

As their day began, they had the pleasure of meeting up with Tom Dowd– one of the original creators of the Shadowrun RPG game. He was flair-clad.

After chatting with Tom (undoubtedly brewing up some secret plot ideas for Shadowrun Returns) Mitch and Jordan headed into the Q&A– but not before Jordan gave a little impromptu seminar in the hallway. We’re pretty sure he never stops working.

As far as the Q&A goes, Mitch and Jordan got to reveal some of our latest project updates. So far, we’ve just shown you a few pieces of high-level concept art for Shadowrun Returns that illustrated the tone of the world. Those were well received (big thanks!) but we know they didn’t reveal much about how the game itself would look in-action. So… here’s a first look at that!

While this is concept art – not a screenshot – it’s representative of the fidelity and art style we’re shooting for. For the uninitiated (or those seeking a quick refresher!) the concept above depicts the infamous Redmond Barrens* of the mid 2050s.

The game environment will be composed of painted 2D elements, so we should be able to deliver the level of detail, depth and expressiveness that you see here. Characters in Shadowrun Returns, on the other hand, are being constructed in 3D – which allows them the fluid movement and wide range of character design and equipment options you’d expect from an RPG. We’ve done a number of tests and the 2D/3D mix feels very natural.

We’re really excited about the direction we’re heading in and the progress we’ve made in the last 3 months. We look forward to showing you more soon!

And if you have any more questions, we’ve got all your answers right here.

*Once an upscale metropolis and techno-haven, the Redmond Barrens now stands as a refuge for the lawless– a safe-haven for those seeking to shed unwanted attention. After the Computer Crash of 2029 and the meltdown of its nuclear power plant, the Redmond Barrens suffered irreparable damage from which it never fully recovered. But despite being renowned for a hefty presence of radiation poisoning and scenic heaps of scrap metal, the Barrens continues to be a surprisingly bustling area—- seedy, but bustling. Essentially, if you’re a wealthy gentleman out for a stroll in the Barrens, assume someone has picked you as a mark within minutes. But if you’re looking for a place to revel in anarchy, and maybe swing by some of Seattle’s most popular nightclubs in the Touristville District, the Redmond Barrens is the place to be. Just don’t drink the tap water.