Earth has been destroyed by the Hive Queen and her Brood and you command Humanity's last line of defense: Strikefleet Omega. As Omega's Admiral, you are charged with a desperate mission to find the Queen and stop her before she obliterates our remaining colonies.

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Strikefleet Omega

Strikefleet Omega Now Available on Amazon!

So far, Strikfleet Omega has been quite the success for both Android and iOS tablets– hovering around about 600,000 users. Crazy. We’re going absolute bonkers. Anyway, playing the game just got easier with its new release on Amazon. Give it a shot, if you haven’t already! And if you’d like to know a little more about gameplay, just check out the video above– it gives you some useful tips, and the narrator is adorably British. So, you know, it’s worth it.

Strikefleet Omega: Ships of the Line

Strikefleet Omega: Ships of the Line

Here’s a sampling of some of the ships you’ll command as Admiral of Strikefleet Omega. Gathering warp crystals allows you to warp in additional ships to bolster your fleet. Different ships serve different purposes – gunships provide you with a powerful artillery attack, interceptors can take out deadly enemy bombers before they get too close, and mining ships are vital for collecting the necessary resources to warp in ships and stay alive.

Stay tuned for more Strikefleet updates. We can’t wait for everyone to be able to play the game!

Reporting for Duty

Strikefleet Omega Characters

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Here’s a look at the proud men & women of the Earth Expeditionary Force. These are the characters who will support you, the Admiral of Strikefleet Omega, as you fight for survival against a vicious alien nemesis.


A sneak peek at… Strikefleet Omega!

Hey internet! Here’s a little sneak preview of our next game, coming out this spring. It’s called Strikefleet Omega (currently, at least!) and we’re having a lot of fun making it.

The game follows the EEF Retribution and the remnants of Earth’s defenders on an epic journey to end an alien hive’s unrelenting aggression by locating and eliminating their hidden hive queen.

Strikefleet Omega Screenshots (work-in-progress)

As for gameplay, it’s all about survival. As hordes of aliens descend on your command ship, you’ll launch and path squadrons of starfighters to intercept and destroy them while your engineers mine nearby asteroids for warp crystals. These crystals enable you to call in specialized capital ships and add them to your fleet to join its defense. Occasionally, escape pods carrying the survivors of other alien attacks will call for your help and you’ll need to rescue them before they’re destroyed. It’s an intense blend of real-time action and strategy.

We’ll have more to show you about Strikefleet Omega in the days and weeks to come, so stop back soon! In the meantime, here’s a peek at some of our development art for the title. Still work-in-progress, but let us know what you think in the comments!

Strikefleet Omega will be out this spring through publisher 6waves.