Founded in 2011, Harebrained Schemes is known for its award-winning Shadowrun and Battletech series that combine exciting tactical gameplay with nuanced and engaging stories. Acquired by Paradox Interactive in 2018, HBS has grown to support two full project teams.


Titles include Crimson: Steam Pirates (iOS, Chrome, 2011), Strikefleet Omega (iOS, Android, 2012), Shadowrun Returns (Steam and mobile, 2013), Shadowrun: Dragonfall (Steam, 2014); Golem Arcana (Retail, 2014); Shadowrun Dragonfall -Directors Cut (Steam and mobile, 2014); Shadowrun: Hong Kong (Steam, 2015); and NECROPOLIS (Steam, 2016).


The studio released BATTLETECH in April, 2018. Since then it has supported the game with a series of regular free updates and a Season Pass of expansions.