The newest offerings hail from the famous drinking halls of Solaris VII, where MechWarriors compete in deadly arenas for the pride of their Noble Houses, Clans, Stables, or just for riches and glory. This wave includes a custom ceramic BattleTech Stein a set of 6 Solaris VII themed coasters.

These items will only be available until March 7th so please help us spread the word to your fellow MechWarriors!

In case you haven’t heard the news, HBS is now offering these special BattleTech merchandise items thanks to a new licensing agreement with The Topps Company, (who own the intellectual property rights for physical goods).

Due to limitations in the license and in order to ensure that none of the funding you put towards developing BATTLETECH is at risk, we’ve set a minimum order quantity for each item and will only manufacture exactly what you order. Think of it kind of like crowdfunding – until we have enough committed orders, we won’t make the item or complete your credit card payment, and then we’ll only manufacture what is ordered.