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Shadowrun Returns

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The Matrix Unlocked


Now that we’ve hit our funding goal for the Revamped Matrix, we thought you’d like to hear a bit more about what we’re planning. As we said, our goal is to evolve the gameplay along with the look & feel of the Matrix in Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Overall, we want the decker’s gameplay to feel like dangerous legwork, investigation, and hacking. One of the ways we hope to achieve this is with increased opportunities for risk & reward. The more chances you take outside the scope of achieving your core objectives, the more potential benefit to you… and the greater chance of being discovered. Combat will still be a factor, but it won’t be your entire Matrix experience.

To that end, we’ve created a list of new Intrusion Countermeasures (IC) that we plan to add to the game. The new IC is intended to expand Matrix gameplay beyond simple combat mechanics by adding new types of interactions. All have been designed on paper and reviewed by our engineers and artists. Once they’ve been proven out through prototyping and we’re confident in our ability to execute on them, we’ll share them in a future Backer Update.

As with DMS and DF, you’ll still break into a corporation’s secure local systems during a run to gain access to a variety of tactical objectives but there will also be places in the story where you’ll travel through distinct areas of cyberspace to “sculpted systems” – distinct digital representations of their owners.

By revising the basic look and sound of the Matrix and creating small “set pieces” of sculpted systems, we hope to give you a better feeling of traveling through cyberspace (for illicit purposes, of course). Concept art for our updated Matrix environment, including an image of a sculpted system will appear in a future Backer Update.

Stay tuned!

Warrior needs flesh… badly!

Our favorite (former) Red Samurai/Ghoul’s personal side mission = UNLOCKED! Thanks so much for the opportunity to make it.


In case you were wondering about Wu and Racter’s personal side missions, we assure you that there’s a plan. At the basic level, their stories will be part of shadowruns we’ve already planned (similar to how Dietrich’s background was tied into the Humanis run in DF). But, of course, there’s more to it than that… aaaaand that’s all we’re gonna tell you. :D

Just rest assured, we’re not going to create two cool characters like these and not give you the chance to find out what makes them tick! We’re confident that when you experience the story, they’ll feel fully fleshed out like the rest of your crew.

And now that you’ve succeeded in unlocking Gaichu’s personal mission, it’s on to THE MATRIX!


The Shadowrun Returns team nearly killed themselves to get our original Matrix art and gameplay in the game and we’re still extremely proud of that effort. But just like Thorin and Company, we ache to return again and make things right.



First look at Gobbet’s Collectible Figure!

Happy Wednesday, Runners!
As promised yesterday, we’re excited to show you a work-in-progress look at Gobbet’s Collectible Miniature model.


This untextured/unpainted 3D model was created by our own Maury Weiss, the artist responsible for most of the badass Golem Arcana figures we’ve released.The great thing about showing you this work-in-progress is that you can clearly see all the love that Maury puts into the details. If you’re interested in learning more about Maury’s process, you can read about it here.

And remember, everyone who backs us at THE TALISMONGER reward level and above gets ALL 5 figures – Gobbet, Wu, Is0bel, Racter & Koschei, and Gaichu!

Looks like we’re getting close to unlocking Gaichu’s personal side mission! Oh man, we want to make that one. Tell your friends!