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Full Steam Ahead!

Hey Chummers – Producer Chris here!  Just taking a second to poke my head up from the depths of development to give you a quick check-in regarding where development of Shadowrun: Hong Kong stands.

photo 1

Chris with a delicious frozen treat courtesy of the Bagel Fund!

Our pace has been accelerating steadily over the past few months to get us to the current breakneck speed that will carry us to the July 4th weekend. When we get there, we’ll celebrate our Content Complete milestone and the team will take a deep breath for the first time since it started getting “Toasty in Seattle” (we’re not used to 80′s in May, and the A/C was not up to the task – though recently improved!).

Content Complete doesn’t mean we won’t still be polishing the game after the 4th – it means we’re not adding anything new to the experience after that. This is extremely important to the QA process. If basic functionality and structural pieces are continually shifting, it’s very difficult to get a stable, shippable game quickly. But, if we’re just swapping out a placeholder wall tile for a final wall tile or a sketch portrait for a final portrait, it may not be risk-free (from your friendly neighborhood producer’s POV), but it’s certainly less prone to create new bugs from a gameplay standpoint.

Speaking of bugs and QA, that process is up to full speed as well. Our bug lists are growing (as expected) while the rest of the new content goes in. And holy shrine spirits, is it ever going in! Missions are moving forward in leaps and bounds every day across the board, from gameplay and story to art and audio.

The new Matrix is finally being distributed in all its glory across every mission after months of hard work from multiple team members thanks to your generous Kickstarter backed funding goal. This is really exciting to see and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

Also in the “Completely New to Shadowrun Thanks to Kickstarter Backers” category that’s rocking our cybersocks: animatics. If you got a chance to see the pre-launch trailer, you got a taste of what these are going to be like. As you know, we’re big on storytelling, and while you don’t have to worry that you’ll be sitting through a bunch of movies instead of partaking of our writing team’s talents, a little cinematic touch not only adds some great drama, but also some new perspectives on the world of Shadowrun. We hope you’ll agree that the storytelling enhancement is powerful. Here are a few storyboard images:


These are just a few of a huge list of new items, both big and small, that will be coming together and wrapping up over the next few months to give you a fun-filled and memorable ride through the shadows of Hong Kong, 2056.

See you there,


P.S. We’ll be heads-down working on the game here for the next month or so, but expect more updates from us in July as we get closer to launch (along with an announcement of our exact launch date!)

P.S.S. In case you haven’t heard, Steam’s Monster Summer Sale started today! Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall -DC are available for only $2.99 and $4.49 and the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Deluxe Edition continues to be offered for pre-sale for the price of the base game, only $19.99. (The Deluxe Edition will be $29.99 at launch). Help us spread the word! Thanks!


A Quick Project Update, Shadowrun: Hong Kong First Look and the Biggest Shadowrun Sale Ever!


Mitch here. Is it mid-May already? Time flies when you’re making games. I just pulled my nose out of the project long enough to give you a quick update on our progress.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is on track for an important milestone at the end of this month: Feature Complete! That’s when the code for all our new features is working in the game. There will still be a little placeholder art remaining for some of the new interfaces we’ve added, but the underlying code works like it’s supposed to and everything will be in the hands of the artists and the designers after that. For the engineers, it’s all bug fixes, tweaks, and polish for the rest of the project!

On a different front, we’re pretty excited because as of today, Shadowrun: Hong Kong has its very own Steam page, complete with our first set of screenshots and a teaser trailer!

Take a look:






When you go to the new Steam page, you’ll see that the Deluxe Version of Shadowrun: Hong Kong is now available for pre-order at $19.99. (It’ll go for $29.99 once the game launches). The Deluxe Version comes with the original soundtrack and The Art of Shadowrun: Hong Kong PDF. Tell your friends who missed out on our Kickstarter campaign!

And, for our 3-year anniversary, we’re also offering Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut at blowout prices – $2.99 and $4.50!!! This is a great weekend for new people to see what all the fuss has been about.

We’d really appreciate it if you’d help us spread the word. Here’s a supercool banner to pop into your favorite social media feed.


Have a great holiday weekend, y’all!!!



Rewards Update, Improved Soundtrack Files, and a New Peek Behind the Curtain

We have another Peek Behind the Curtain: Portraits-style for you today but first a couple reward updates…

Digital Rewards for Late Comers - If you answered your BackerKit survey BEFORE this Tuesday (5/12), the following DIGITAL rewards can now be found in your BackerKit account depending on the level at which you backed the game. You can get to your account with this link:

  • SRR/DFDC Soundtracks
  • Out of Print Sourcebooks
  • Shadowrun 5th Ed. Digital Tools Box
  • SRR/DFDC keys
Hong Kong related rewards will be delivered closer to the launch of the game.

If you have NOT answered your BackerKit survey (there’s over 900 of you still out there!), we are unable to deliver your rewards until you do. If that’s you, please go to where you’ll enter your Kickstarter email address and follow the rest of the instructions. Digital rewards will be distributed again sometime in the next few weeks.

New Improved Soundtrack Files! - We heard that a number of Backers were interested in better quality soundtracks. Since our Producer, Chris, is a “music guy”, he completely understood where you were coming from and figured out how to make that happen. You will now find new, 320kbps soundtrack files packaged into 4 zip files (3 for Shadowrun Returns and 1 for Shadowrun: Dragonfall) in your BackerKit account.

And finally, we want to thank you very much for the Bagels we had yesterday! They were delicious!


Now, here’s your Peek Behind the Curtain: Portraits-style!

Hey everyone! I’m Joel – the Lead Character Concept Artist and Portrait artist for Shadowrun: Hong Kong. I’m here to show you guys a little behind the scenes on our process for getting a portrait into the game.


It all starts with our lovely Backers! Many of you gave us information and insight into what your perfect Shadowrun: Hong Kong character would look like as well as a photo of yourself (or someone you chose) to use as a base for the portrait. I take that base photo and create a sketch using it as inspiration, along with the details you provide like Elf Rigger or Dwarf Mage. Here’s an example of that:


Now this is Shadowrun: Hong Kong, not Berlin or Seattle, so there needs to be a distinct look for that. One of the things we want to show is that Hong Kong has a more sleek tech feel. Having said that, my designs for the tech and clothing take a bit from high fashion ideas for post apocalyptic worlds with some of those awesome glowing technology and, of course, current day cyberpunk ideas of Shadowrun.

After the initial sketch is done, we take it to a color pass. This is the quick but really fun process of blocking in the base colors. I also need to decide what kind of background this character should be in. A lot of our visuals utilize bright rim lighting by colorful neon signs that futureShadowrun Hong Kong would feature. Here’s an example of taking that backer to the next level:


Alright, so he’s looking pretty cool now, but we need to take it that last step so we send it off to our painter who will take the image and render it to the final game-ready quality our previous portrait art team established in Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Its pretty exciting to see! It’s a long process but totally worth it when we see these guys (and by that I mean you guys) start showing up in the game. So here is the final result!


Hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the curtain! I’m off to go get some more of you into the shadows, see you soon Chummers!