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NECROPOLIS is Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation®4!

Way back at PAX East last year, we caught the attention of BANDAI NAMCO, the publisher of Dark Souls. They thought it would make a perfect companion game for Dark Souls fans, and we thought NECROPOLIS was a perfect fit for consoles. It’s a great partnership and we’re really excited to have an established publisher help our independent studio bring the game to consoles.

So now, NECROPOLIS will ship on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer. We’ll let you know the exact date in the near-future. In the meantzme, we’ve been busy adding a ton of new stuff to the game – here’s a peek!







We’ve been busy little bunnies here at the studio and we thought that this was a great time to tell you about all things Harebrained.

There’s a lot…


Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition on Sale Now for 50% Off on Steam and GOG!


After our wildly successful Kickstarter just over a year ago, we released Shadowrun: Hong Kong to incredibly positive reviews. Today, we’re excited to release the Shadowrun: Hong KongExtended Edition as a FREE upgrade to all existing owners of Shadowrun: Hong Kong. This Extended Edition is the definitive version of the game, and we think it’s pretty sweet.

Shadowrun: Hong KongExtended Edition adds our final Kickstarter funding goal to the game – an all-new, 6+ hour Shadows of Hong Kong Bonus Campaign. We’ve also included 100+ minutes of Developers Audio Commentary where you’ll hear more about character motivations, the different choices you had in the game, and perhaps even some Easter Eggs you may have missed. It was really fun to record. Here’s a quick taste of the audio commentary.

Again, everyone who Kickstarted Shadowrun: Hong Kong, or already purchased the game will receive the the Shadows of Hong Kong bonus campaign for free. But, the Extended Edition is on sale at 50% off for a limited time on Steam and GOG so now is a great time to pick it up!

And if you know anyone that hasn’t played any of our Shadowrun titles yet (seriously?), the Shadowrun Triple Pack is ALSO 50% off on Steam for a limited time.


Necropolis Now Available for Pre-Sale On Steam

Includes Original Soundtrack by Shadowrun Composer Jon Everist


NECROPOLIS is an quite a departure from the story-based cRPGs we created for the Shadowrun Universe. It’s a third-person dungeon delve filled with intense action, off-kilter humor, diabolical traps. Necropolis is also a roguelike — a “procedural death labyrinth” — filled with an ever-changing assortment of bizarre rooms, cool weapons, tasty treasure, and nasty monsters designed to slaughter you. Then you can start all over again to see how much further you get.

You play as a nameless adventurer attempting to escape a living, magical dungeon that reconstructs itself each time you play and offers only one way out – down. Craft, explore, equip and advance to stay ahead of the curve as you travel deeper and face greater threats. Find the exit, or die trying.*

We’re really excited to be so close to launch day on Steam. HBS demoed the game at PAX East and PAX Prime last year and the response to the minimalist art style and gameplay was pretty amazing. AND – we just announced that the game will feature Death with Friends – co-op network multiplayer where up to 4 players can and cover each other’s backs as the dungeon tries to eat them, (and anything else it can get its maw on) alive.

The game releases on March 17 but if you pre-order Necropolis on Steam now, you’ll also get the original soundtrack by award-winning Shadowrun composer Jon Everist for free!

*SPOILER: You’ll probably die trying.


BATTLETECH Development Moves Full Steam Ahead


With the scope of the BATTLETECH game now clearly established, the team has been able to really hone in on the core of what we’re making, and to start planning out the experience as a whole. This includes laying out the initial design foundation and creating a strong architectural framework for our codebase.

We’ve also been making good progress on our story for the game which will be set in a small region of the Periphery on the Rimward side of the Inner Sphere. And, finally,  our concept art team has switched gears from concept illustrations to actually prototyping the 3D portrait creation system, an Emblem Creator for your Mercenary outfit, and a flexible framework for the cosmetic customization of your ‘Mechs. You can read more details about all of these developments in our End of Year Dev Update.

While the development team is hard at work, our community team has been working on setting up the Comstar: the Global Battletech Community Forum to give both new and old Battletech fans a place to talk about all things Battletech. Mitch is in our Ask the Dev sub-forum all the time answering questions and it’s been great seeing a community forming there. We encourage you to head over to check it out.

For those of you that participated in the BATTLETECH Kickstarter, you’ll remember that Backers earned a Battletech “Beardstream” where our illustrious BATTLETECH leaders (Jordan, Mike and Mitch) will go head-to-head playing a Battletech tabletop game with Randall Bills, Loren Coleman and Brent Evans from Catalyst Game Labs. The losing team will lose their beards – Six Beards Enter Will Enter But Only Three Beards Will Leave!  We’ll have more details soon.


Keeping In Touch

Over the last few months, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to stay in touch with you, hence this first Harebrained Report. We also had a really had a great time doing our livestreamed Q&A sessions on Twitch during the BATTLETECH Kickstarter and our first Periscope livestream a few weeks ago. That was a blast.

You can expect to see more of that kind of thing coming up soon and we hope you’ll tune in! You never know what’ll happen when Harebrained goes live…

That’s all for now. Take care!

Final Total $2,865,422! All Hail Our BATTLETECH Backers!

Including PayPal, our final Kickstarter total is a whopping $2,865,422 and you’ve unlocked ALL FOUR FUNDING STAGES. Incredible!

What an amazing month of excitement around BattleTech.We are
deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support that the Global
BattleTech Community has shown for our Kickstarter project. We thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.

Backer Missions Final Tally

Wow. When we asked for the Global BattleTech Community to come
together to complete a set of Backer Missions, we had no idea how cool
the outcome would be! We asked for you to share your passion, your art,
and your stories with us. We’ve seen your pumpkins and costumes, your
decades-old BattleTech collections, and your carefully painted and
papercrafted ‘Mechs.

You’ve joined your voices to become one loud, booming voice that has
rallied folks across social media to our BATTLETECH cause, and we are so
grateful! Look at all the stuff you did!


Through your continued effort, you’ve unlocked EVERY SINGLE Mission
Reward including cameos from classic BattleTech characters, a full
length novel from Michael A. Stackpole, and livestreams galore.

Yesterday Mike, Mitch, and Jordan did an Alcohol-Fueled (read: drunk) Livestream Q&A which you can watch here:

Drunk game developer is drunk.Drunk game developer is drunk.

Click the image or this link to watch the… fun.

Speaking of livestreams- we have to be completely honest, we were nervous about reaching the final Backer Mission Reward: a
Livestream of Mike, Mitch, and Jordan playing Tabletop BattleTech with
Randall Bills, Loren Coleman, and Brent Evans from Catalyst Game Labs!
Six Beards Enter, Three Beards Leave – winners keep their beards!

We’re not sure when this will be yet (gotta get past pre-production
& the holidays and then find a good time for everyone), but keep an
eye out for an update on that.
Again, thank you so much for rallying your friends and family to back us
and take part in our Backer Missions!

And for those about to lose your beards…we salute you.

ComStar: The Global BattleTech Community Forum

The sharing of BattleTech memories, war stories, and fiction along
with future hopes and desires has been a big and rewarding part of this
campaign. The discussions these stories and experiences have generated
has hopefully been as exciting for you as they have been for us!

It’s abundantly clear that we’re part of a passionate, dedicated
community and we want to help you continue the great discussions that
have developed. So, in that spirit, we are happy to bring you ComStar:
The Global BattleTech Community Forum!

We invite you to join the fun and get in on the ground floor. This
will be a much easier and more enjoyable place to communicate with your
fellow MechWarriors than the Kickstarter Comments page (for sure). The
new forum (obviously) looks a bit bare at the moment, so jump in and get
the conversation rolling!

Consider this our first baby step in creating a place for BattleTech
fans around the world to connect, discover all the great
BattleTech-related community sites out there, have fun, and (cross your
fingers) eventually buy cool physical items like the ones in our backer

If you have initial questions about the ComStar forum, your backer rewards or our BATTLETECH game itself, please check the FAQ section of the forum first:…

Kickstarter, BackerKit, and Rewards – What’s Next?

We know a lot of you have never backed a Kickstarter before, so we
thought we’d share what happens to your pledge and how we manage your
41,000 (!) Backer accounts.

Starting today, Kickstarter will begin charging your pledges on your credit card but it will take a FEW WEEKS
to process over 41,000 backers. If there is a problem charging your
account, you’ll receive an email and will have a couple weeks to work
that out.

If your pledge payment doesn’t go through on Kickstarter, don’t panic. Your
pledge will remain in the system and you’ll be able to make your
payment through our pledge management tool – a website called BackerKit.

BackerKit is where you’ll tell us which store you want your game key
from, which Heraldry kit you want, the size of your jacket, and shipping
information. If you added extra funds to your Kickstarter pledge, it
will show as a credit that you’ll be able to apply towards Add-Ons.
You’ll also have the option to upgrade your Reward Level or choose more

Perhaps most important, BackerKit is where you will return to find all your digital rewards as they become available.

We anticipate opening BackerKit accounts during the early part of
December, so be sure to keep an eye out for a Kickstarter update with
more details around then.

Second Chance Backer Opportunity

From our experience running Kickstarters in the past, we know that
there are people out there who won’t find out about the Kickstarter
campaign until after it’s over. Our
Second Chance Backer site is open so latecomers can support the project and join the community.

Thanks again, y’all!