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Shadowrun Returns

Now available for iOS & Android tablets! Available on Steam for Mac & PC. Get your copy today!

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A Special One-Year Anniversary Update!

Studio founders Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of Shadowrun Returns and talk about what’s next.

Save Your Game Anywhere Feature! Steam sale! Editor Contest Winners!

Steam Sale this Weekend!

Both Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall are on sale NOW  through Sunday,May 4 on Steam. At $4.99 for Shadowrun Returns and $9.99 for Shadowrun: Dragonfall, you’re getting both games for the price of one!

If you have friends who haven’t had a chance to play Shadowrun Returns or Shadowrun: Dragonfall, be sure to tell them that it’s on sale on Steam this weekend!


Save Anywhere Feature!

Besides the great price, both campaigns now come with the ability to save your game anywhere!! We have updated SRR to version 1.2.6 on Steam, GOG, Humble, and Android. The iOS version will be available next week, too. In addition to the new feature, there are also many other improvements that you can check out in the Release Notes.


Shadowrun Editor Community Contest

The prizes for the Shadowrun Editor Community Contest included a Design Consultation and a Shadowlab or Let’s Play video and it’s been great working with the winners of the contest to make those happen.

Mitch and McCain did a Google Hangout with the winners in the Maps and Props category. They had a great time chatting and Mike was able to share some great tips and tricks with the creators.  Jordan and Mitch also did a Let’s Play and a Shadowlab with the winners of the Short Story category – Ashram’s From the Shadows, Run and I0g41n’s Food Fight. Jordan and Mitch will be doing the same for the winners of the Long Story category, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like that kind of thing.


Google Hangout of the Maps and Props Category




From the Shadows, Run



Let’s Play

Food Fight!


Congratulations to the Winners and Runners Up of the Shadowrun Editor Community Contest!

We are excited to work with all of them! Watch for more information about a Google Hangout for the Props and Maps categories and Let’s Play and Shadowlabs for the Short and Long Story categories. We can’t wait to share all of that with everyone!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Contest! We will be announcing the winners of the Sweepstakes in the coming week or so.



Winner: Memphis Motors Vehicle Prop Pack
Runner Up: Geeked – Props and Portraits



Winner: Farmer’s Market (Mission Hub Map)
Runner Up: The Rag Shop (Hub)


Short Story

Winner: From The Shadows, Run
Runner Up: Food Fight!


Long Story

Winner: Shadowrun Unlimited
Runner Up: Nightmare Harvest

What a Great Response!

Wow, we’ve had such a great response to Shadowrun: Dragonfall over the last couple weeks!


To us, the most rewarding part is all the emails, messages on SRR forums on Shadowrun.com, Facebook posts and tweets that have come from the community! We worked really hard to listen to your feedback and build on the success of Shadowrun Returns and we’re happy to see that the changes we’ve made are resonating with you.

That said, we admit that it’s also been gratifying to get some nice reviews from the critics, too. Here are a few of our favorite quotes and links to their reviews.

HardCore Gamer  http://www.hardcoregamer.com/2014/03/02/review-shadowrun-dragonfall/76435/

The new campaign setting is utterly compelling, the writing is some of the industry’s finest with astounding prose and character development and the added content simply equates to an experience that is only rivaled by the genre’s best.

PC Gamer  http://www.pcgamer.com/review/shadowrun-returns-dragonfall-review/

Jacking back into Shadowrun Returns for the new Dragonfall campaign, I thought I was ready for anything. In a post-magipocalypse future where trenchcoated, wizardly elves cast shield spells on hacker allies while orcs with machine guns shower them with lead, it pays to be prepared. Dragonfall managed to get the drop on me, though. I wasn’t expecting one of the most memorable and complex RPG stories of the decade.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun  http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/02/27/shadowrun-returns-dragonfall-review/

Now that’s more like it. Choice! Side-missions! A hub! A strong supporting cast who are up for a bit of a chat! Little-to-no mandatory decking sequences! A mother-lovin’ save (almost) anywhere system!

GameSpot  http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/shadowrun-dragonfall-review/1900-6415692/

There’s nary a dull moment in Dragonfall, and every mission is crafted to capture the right mix of mystery, fear, exploration, and action.

Destructoid   http://www.destructoid.com/review-shadowrun-dragonfall-271790.phtml

Die Hard Game Fan  http://diehardgamefan.com/2014/03/13/review-shadowrun-dragonfall-pc/

Eurogamer  http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-03-04-shadowrun-dragonfall-review

Gamespot  http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/shadowrun-dragonfall-review/1900-6415692/

Retro 101  http://www.retro101.co.uk/2014/03/shadowrun-dragonfall-review-pc.html

Cinemablend  http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Shadowrun-Returns-Dragonfall-First-Impressions-Better-Than-Original-62561.html

iDigitalTimes  http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/22142/20140303/shadowrun-returns-dragonfall-review-perfect-run-everyone.htm

Capsule Computers  http://www.capsulecomputers.asia/2014/03/shadowrun-dragonfall-review/

Gizorama  http://www.gizorama.com/computer/pc/shadowrun-returns-dragonfall-review/

The Mittani  http://themittani.com/features/review-shadowrun-dragonfall

Softpedia  http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/games/pc/Shadowrun-Dragonfall-Review-430668.shtml

We’ve had a blast developing this expansion and would love to create more stories in the Shadowrun Universe! To do that, we need to continue to get the word out.  We’re an indie studio and don’t have the deep marketing pockets of a big publisher so we’d appreciate it if you’d share these links with friends and forums you think would like Dragonfall!



Fan Sneak Preview of Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Through a happy accident, DanW played Shadowrun:Dragonfall and shared his first impressions over on the Shadowrun.com forums. Spoiler-free, of course!

Take a look and see what he thought and then head over to the thread if you have any questions for him.


Road Movie To Berlin

(One Fan’s Semi-Official Preview Of Dragonfall)

“Drek, what was his name…Candy…gum…spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen. Wintergreen!” Kilim entered ‘Green Winters’ into the hotel data system’s keypad and sighed in relief when it kicked out ‘Room 405’ and a few notes. “Got you now, chummer. Time to roll!”

Don’t Let’s Start

A few weeks back, I logged into Steam to play a little Shadowrun Returns (I just noticed I’m at 544 hours played on Steam, not to mention the time spent with the DRM-free version and the editor!). As I was signed up for the public beta, I wasn’t too surprised when it began downloading a new version. Thinking it would give me a chance to see how the new save system worked in Deadman’s Switch, I opened the game and found Dragonfall!

SRR load screen with DF

Of course, I started a campaign with my trusty decker/assault rifle archetype. Immediately, I noticed that the mage had throwing knives, the weapons troll had a sniper rifle, and AoE effects showed the number of targets affected (no more fraggin’ my teammates!). This was all before the heavily-armored troll with a minigun appeared…

There were a lot of rough edges and bugs in the build, but the basic gameplay was definitely an upgrade from DMS. Instead of just one teammate with a story, there were now three (soon to be more). Instead of one (unnecessary) side run, there were multiple run choices with multiple objectives and multiple ways to accomplish them. I completed one run without any combat, and another with so much combat that my team suffered four deaths total (two of them my PC). Fortunately, the DocWagon-type item is now automatically used if it’s in a character’s inventory when they die. I was having a blast. I even posted a thread on the SRR forums about some bugs.

trauma kit

And then it went away. I guess someone noticed that a developer’s build had escaped and shut the metaphorical door. I shrugged my shoulders and figured that was the end of it. But then I received a message from developer Mitch Gitelman. “Thanks for the positive comments about the Dragonfall campaign! Please send me your email address, Dan. I’d like to chat with you in mail about something.”

“Eiger. Grenadier, 11 o’clock, 50 meters. Mage, 2 o’clock, 35 meters. Geek the mage first.” Three shots echoed through the courtyard. Even suppressed, the sniper’s Ruger 100-S had a distinctive sound. Even more distinctive was the Humanis mage’s head disappearing in a flash. The ork with the grenade launcher was luckier—or had better armor—but the two shots forced him to drop his weapon and grab his chest. His escape was short-lived, though, as Glory materialized next to him and slit his throat with her hand razors.”

A Harebrained Scheme

DF load screen

(That’s Eiger on the left and Glory on the right.)

And so this past Sunday when a developer’s preview build appeared in my Steam account, I was ready to go. I decided that it might be fun to play a new character I had been wanting to try, a build that would have been hard to implement in DMS. Meet Kilimanjaro West, infiltration specialist. Human decker, high charisma, skilled in unarmed combat. With minimal headware and a touch of bioware, my concept for him was someone who could slide past metal detectors and magesniffers to pass as a wage slave. Get in, get the goods, get out. Null sweat.

I fired up the game and lost myself in the story. If you enjoyed DMS at all, DF will be right up your alley. A lot of the pain points have been smoothed over. I’ve already mentioned the automatic resurrection that works if your character dies, the new save system works smoothly, and there is now auto-heal after combat where your healer will heal the most recent wound of each character. (I think you need a magical healer for this, but I didn’t test it out. Too busy playing.) Thrown weapons and unarmed combat are much more viable, and now shaman have a weapon spell just like those hermetic weenies. You have additional choices for your team, but I stuck with the crew I knew and the more I ran with them, the more I knew about them. It felt more like the tabletop game, which was my introduction years ago to the Shadowrun universe—and the reason I backed this Kickstarter.

“Keeping an eye on the security cam feed, Kilimanjaro West counted down the seconds. “15…10..5…Left, left, then right. Go!” As the security guard’s patrol turned the far corner, the team broke for the door. One more guard to bypass and the prototype would be in their hands…”


One of the best things about DF is that I felt that my decisions were having an effect on how the game unfolded. There was humor and sadness. There were NPCs who would threaten or cajole. Runs could be all guns blazing, or a quiet sneak past security. Playing on Hard, combat was challenging and often required a bit more strategy than DMS. Certain enemies had to be prioritized. Positioning (no, the cover mechanism hasn’t changed) could greatly influence the course of the encounter.

It just felt like Shadowrun should. You can read board chatter that sometimes refers to your own exploits, adding to the SR feel. The highest praise that I can offer is that the plot actually caused Kilim, in character, to change his modus operandi. At the point in the game roughly equivalent to the cemetery scene in DMS events made things very personal. After having passed up the lure of cyberarms numerous times, he sought out the street doc to get them so that he could more effectively achieve his revenge. (As an aside, my SR characters have a history of things like this. Ask the other players who were there about the incident involving a river, captive alligators, and the gator shaman who couldn’t swim. Did you know that Alligator mississippiensis can be used as a flotation device?) And during the marathon endgame equivalent to the Bug Hunt in DMS he was glad he had done so.

And that point in the plot? As I texted my friend, “Drek just got real.” It was surprisingly nail-biting for a turn-based game and I found myself deeply engaged. If it weren’t for work and a missing thyroid, I would have played continuously.

Now I’ll admit that Dragonfall is not perfect. Some things remain as annoying as they were in DMS: the limited inventory slots with the random (?) display order, the ridiculous (to me) stat-boosting outfits, and the inability to tailor your teams’ inventory beyond a few consumables, to mention a few. Also, some bugs remain (only one I ran across required a reload) but if this were all I got from the Kickstarter campaign I would still be one very satisfied chummer.

TL;DR: So if you have the means, I highly recommend picking it up. And if you already are getting it through the Kickstarter, you won’t be disappointed.

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them, though I won’t have access to the game until after work tonight (6 PM EST). There are bonus points available for good questions/observations. Double bonus points if you knew right away where the thread title and first header came from. And, triple bonus points if you knew where my character name came from.

Bonus points redeemable for DanW’s goodwill, subject to applicable state laws.

Announcing the Shadowrun Editor Community Contest and Sweepstakes!

Hey, Everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news! As you know, Harebrained Schemes created the Shadowrun Editor so you can tell YOUR stories in the world of Shadowrun. It’s been exciting to see how GMs have used the editor in ways we never even thought about! To celebrate all the hard work of the GMs out there, we’ve partnered with our friends at Intel to create the Shadowrun Editor Community Contest.

Using the Shadowrun Editor, GMs can create and submit content in four categories: Maps, Props, Short Story and Long Story. The Shadowrun Community will vote for their favorites and the winners will be chosen by the Harebrained Schemes team. Finalists will receive a Design Consultation to improve their content along with a Shadowlab or Let’s Play video of their story featuring Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun. Submit your entries by March 13. Vote for your favorites until March 27 – you can vote daily! Winners will be announced on April 3.

Additionally, ANYONE can enter a special Sweepstakes to win an Intel Ultrabook 2-in-1 Convertible, Shadowrun swag, or copies of Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Full information is available at http://harebrained-schemes.com/shadowrun/intel/

Head on over and check it out!


Dragonfall Trailer, Screenshots & Release Date

We are excited to announce that the first Shadowrun Returns expansion, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, will be released on February 27, 2014 at 10am PST.  Here’s the official trailer and screenshots! (Be sure to fullscreen it in HD for the full effect!)




For many more screenshots and more product information, visit the official Shadowrun: Dragonfall page: http://harebrained-schemes.com/shadowrun/dragonfall/

The Dragonfall development team pushed incredibly hard to hit our original January release window and our playtests have been a lot of fun! However, a few rough edges still remain, and we’ve decided to extend our polish and bugfixing time to ensure that we deliver a great Shadowrun experience. We know you’re excited to play the game and we’re confident this will allow us to ship the best campaign we can!

Shadowrun: Dragonfall will be FREE to Backers and they will receive the same number of keys they received for Shadowrun Returns. For everyone else, Dragonfallwill launch at $14.99 – in fact, it’s now available for pre-order on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/272030. Please help us spread the word!

In other Shadowrun Returns news…

Shadowrun Returns Beta Version 1.2 is LIVE

We want to make sure you all know that the Beta for Version 1.2 of Shadowrun Returns is now LIVE on Steam. This version includes the new and improved Save Game functionality, including the ability to save in the middle of scenes, and a variety of fixes and improvements to the core game. If you’re interested in looking under the hood at those changes, be sure to read the Release Notes located on the Shadowrun Returns forum here: http://bit.ly/1jYXfrE. And feel free to jump into the Beta to help us test it! Here’s the best place to report any bugs you find. http://bit.ly/LZqteB

The update will be released to the public alongside the Dragonfall expansion, but v1.2 does not require the purchase of Dragonfall to use.

Localization Update

The German translation of Shadowrun Returns is still in process but has been delayed due to some production hiccups. We are working with our localization partner to ensure a high quality translation, and look forward to releasing it in an update that will coincide with the release of Dragonfall. As an added bonus, we are happy to announce we will also release a Russian and Chinese translation at the same time, February 27th, 2014!

As always, thanks for the opportunity to make this happen. We’re excited to get all of our hard work on Dragonfall into your hands next month!


Shadowrun Returns Version 1.1.1 Released – Includes French, Spanish and Italian!

Happy Holidays!

As we head toward the release of Shadowrun: Dragonfall at the end of January, we also continue to improve on, add features to, and fix bugs in Shadowrun Returns and the SR Editor.

Since our last update we’ve fixed lots of bugs but the most notable addition in Version 1.1.1 is that French, Italian and Spanish language options are now available. We are (anxiously) awaiting the German and Russian files back from the company doing those translations for us so that we can finish our localization work and make it available to German and Russian speakers.

Version 1.1.1 also contains more of the new Editor features we’ve been using to createShadowrun: Dragonfall so you can use them too. These include a revamped Thermometer to display more detailed scene performance metrics, a Get Count of Alive Actors data function trigger and a new Display Popup with image and caption. There are quite a few more as well.

You can check out a list of the bug fixes, features and additions on the New Releases page of the Shadowrun Returns wiki.


The end of the year always brings out “Best of” lists and we’re really thrilled to find ourselves on a few of those lists including:

You can still vote for Shadowrun Returns at two different websites. IncGamers.com has nominated us as Best Crowdfunded Game of 2013 and IGN.com has us up for a BLACK BETA SELECT AWARD as 2013 Best Indie. Voting is ongoing so you can still head over to both those sites to vote. (You’ll be eligible for a $2000 gift card over at theIGN.com site, too. You’ll need to add 0111 to your phone number if you’re in the US.)

SNES Reboot

We want to give a heads up to all the SNES Shadowrun fans out there! JR Riedel and his team are creating a reboot of the SNES Shadowrun game using the Shadowrun Returns Editor. A Joystiq article about this effort just came out today and we can’t wait to play it ourselves!

And Finally… 

It’s been a hell of a year here and none of it would be possible without the continued support of our amazing Kickstarter Backers. THE YEAR OF SHADOWRUN has been fun and exciting and heartwarming and very, very challenging and we deeply appreciative of the opportunity to make Shadowrun Returns for you.

From Jordan, Mitch, and everyone at Harebrained Schemes, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

See you in 2014!

And remember - “Never trust a dead man.”


DRM-Free Shadowrun Returns Now Available To All!

HBS is happy to announce that as of today, Shadowrun Returns is now available for Windows and Mac on GOG.com!

And please let all your friends know they can purchase the game at the special release price of $11.99 through tomorrow, 12/11/2013. Here’s the link: http://www.gog.com/game/shadowrun_returns

The DRM-free version of the game will continue to be fully supported and you’ll be able to download all game patches, use the Shadowrun Returns editor and experience user-generated content downloaded from third-party sites such as Nexus. If you are a Kickstarter Backer or pre-ordered the game, we are happy to send you a GOG key if you contact us at info@hbs-studios.com.

We are also pleased to let our Linux-loving fans know that they’ll soon be able to access the game through the Humble Store. We’ll let you know about it as soon as possible.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the expansion for Shadowrun Returns, will also be available on GOG and the Humble Store when it’s released in January.

Spanish, French and Italian are in Beta!

We’re excited to be so close to releasing the final localized versions of Shadowrun Returns in Spanish, French and Italian but we need your help!

If you speak any of those languages, we’d love it if you’d help us Beta test the translations. This link will take you to directions on how to download the Beta version of the game and share your suggestions for better translations with us.  http://ow.ly/rqiZA

We want to turn this around quickly so we need your feedback by Sunday, December 8.

Thanks for your help!